Thoughts of an Angel

Weiss KreuzWelcome, let me make a quick description of this

site. It is a place where I store all of my random

writings that were inspired by Weiss Kreuz and

Evangelion, since they just happen to be the two

shows that inspired me a lot. These are not fanfics.

Although some may be written in character's POV.

EvangelionAnd to make this site semi-interesting, I am also going to include a

picture gallery of the two shows and synopsis so you know how I got

the ideas for these writings. I'm also going to include some mp3's since

Napster isn't as good to use now. I'll add more stuff from time to

time, but this will be all right now. Enjoy!





Random Free-write~~~~~~Selection of Free-write by me

Shades of White~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Weiss Gallery

Faces of Eve~~~~~~~~~~~~A Evangelion Gallery

Story of the Hunters~~~~~~~~Introduction to Weiss

New Bible of Evangelion~~~~Introduction to Evangelion

The Sound of White~~~~Songs by the four Weiss Seiyuus

Music of Heaven~~~~~~~~~~Mp3's from Evangelion



The Html of this page is written by Eve Ayanami, the pictures have all been edited by her also. The original are copyright of Project Weiss and Gainax. Site finished on July 27, 2001.