Thoughts of an Angel:

Free-write Corner

Welcome, to the free-write corner. This is where works of mine

are displayed. Most of these can't be counted as fanfiction, but they are

inspired by the deep philosophy of two of my favorite series, Weiss Kreuz

and Neon Genesis Evangelion. So please enjoy what's here. Though I know

they can never be compared to the works of Plato or Aristotle or anyone but

I do think they deserve a website of their own. Any comments, constructive

criticisms and even flames are welcomed.

Please email me at





Japanese Rose

This is my first free-write written in the Bathroom at 2:00

in the morning. But don't let the time fool you. It isn't very

bad. I'm actually very proud at how it turned out.



The ending was inspired by the song "God Hurts Those

He Loves" from Weiss sang by Koyasu Takehito. I'm very

happy about the ending.




It's a little thing about love between family. Inspired by

Aya and Omi from Weiss, Shinji, Gendou, Asuka and

Misato from Evangelion. It's a short piece.


Life University

This was inspired by both shows actually. Do you realize

how school was never really an obstacle when they had to

cut classes to save the world? The ending didn't turn as

well as I expected though.





Circus Monkey

My shortest piece yet! Inspired by Aya's quote from the

Manga, "An Assasin and White Shaman." A little

negative. But most of my pieces are.


Place Your Bet

My latest piece inspired by the End of Evangelion Movie.

Also written in the Bathroom at 1:00 in the morning. I like

the idea. I've been thinking about it for a while now.

And it turned out fine.




Komm Suesser Tod

As the name suggests, yep this is inspired by the song

Komm Suesser Tod from Evangelion. This is also the first

poem to be placed here. I am very proud of it.




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