Japanese Roses


What is this feeling, this need to be innocent? What does it mean to be… innocent? What does it mean? In this world in this

time. To be naïve means the lost of a life, but is that what innocence is? If that is it, I will willingly give up my life. The urge to

be innocent to become one of the innocence is too strong. "Never lose your gentleness." Is that what innocence is? Gentleness?

Mercy? Have I lost that too, already? Gentleness… such a thing cannot be seen anymore. Everyone is selfish, living only for

selfish desires. But what is so wrong with that? What is wrong with trying to be human? To be pure to be innocent. Weiss.

Weiss-pure, brilliant white. Death can be white too. A pure death. An innocent death. But no, there doesn't live a single

creature on Earth that can be qualified as being innocent. It does not exist. That is perhaps why I search for it so. My hands

have long been stained. Not with blood but with sin. Sinfulness. The exact opposite of Innocent. I have an urge to be sinful to

o. Such conflicting needs. Somehow I will manage to satisfy both. I will. Why do we live? Why do we continue such miserable

existences as this? Why must we suffer in life only to die and suffer more in hell? Why, why oh why did we create this

dimension to punish ourselves in? Is it our conscience that led us to create a way to amend for our sins? Or is it another selfish

creation? All of our desires are selfish, dreams melt into one. The Empty dream of despair. The sea of Despair. We live only to

die. Die only to be reborn again. Will we ever reach that blessed Enlightenment? Nirvana?


Watch the petals float. The petals of Japanese Roses… a miserable, exquisite death to be sure.