Thoughts of an Angel:

Story of the Hunters

Weiss Kreuz is a story of four guys, Aya Fujimiya, Youji Kudou, Ken and Omi

Tsukinoyo as the assassin group, "Weiss" which means white in German. These

four guys each working for their own reason, together they form the "white hunters."

The story mainly revolves around Aya Fujimiya. His real name is Ran Fujimiya,

his father being somewhat of a wealthy banker, one can assume he had quite an easy

life before tragedy struck which left him orphaned and his only living relative, his

sister in a coma. Saddened and angered by his parents' murder and his sister's fatal

injuries, he researches on his on and plans to take revenge on the person that was

behind it all, Taketori. Then, Birman came to him and gave him a choice, join Weiss

or die. He joined since Weiss also fights against Taketori and the "dark beasts" in

general. When asked for his name by his teammates, he answered "Aya Fujimiya"

which is his sister's name. He thought that he will allow Aya to still live on

through him. This is the first anime show that I know of that is based on its

seiyuus.The four main seiyuus of the show, Koyasu, Seki, Miki and Yuuki were a

band calledWeiss then made the drama CD's then the anime series then the

mangas and finally two OAV's. I think the show's main point was summed up by

what Koyasu said at the end of the last drama CD, "Please, don't lose your

gentleness." In my opinion, this show is about how you can go into something at

first, but after that, you're stuck with it for life. You can't take the past away no

matter how hard you try. It'll always cling onto you like a nightmare you can't shed.



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