Thoughts of an Angel

The New Bible of



This is a story of a boy Shinji Ikari, a fourteen year old, as the pilot of a

giant humanoid robot Evangelion Unit 01. This is set in Tokyo 3 2015.

The protagonist of thsi series is SHinji. He lost his mother at 3 and ran

away tfrom his father at ten. At fourteen he received a leter form his father

Gendou Ikari and he came to Tokyo 3. This is how the story began. The

plot of the story is about how three Evangelions, Unit 00, Unit 01 and

Unit 02 fight the seventeen "angels" that were predicted to come down to

Earth to wreak havoc from the Dead Sea Scroll under the organization

called Nerv. This is however not as much as an action series than it

appears to be. It is in reality about how three fourteen years olds, Rei

Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu and Shinji Ikari or thethree pilots of

the Evas, grow up to solve how to get close to someone without hurting

them or without getting hurt themselves. Otherwiseknown as the

Hedgehog Dillemma.






To Go


Shades of White

Faces of Eve

Sound of White

Music of Heaven

Story of the Hunters



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